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About Us

Established in Jan 2013, ETECH SERVICES is a Karachi-based company that specializes in infrastructure design, deployment, and support. Through our relationship with industry giants such as Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, HP Procurve, and Ubiquity Wireless Solutions.

Solutions We offer

ETECH SERVICES provides specialist IT network infrastructure services. Established to complement our networking products and systems supply and services company, we draw on the experience gained since 2013 in specification.
We help customers to maximize their competitive advantage through asset value optimization and best practice business efficiencies. Focusing on service excellence at all times, we offer:

Infrastructure Design Services

Our services focus on Project Management and Design of Facility requirements for Technology Infrastructure

Indoor Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi is the fastest growing wireless technology in the world. It's fast, cheap, easy and convenient.

Server & Desktop Virtualization

Consolidate the number of physical servers in your environment by taking advantage of server virtualization technologies

Data Storage Solutions

Storing information and managing its storage is critical to a company's behind-the-scenes success

Network Security Solutions

We provide best security solutions and customer services

Communication Solution

We help clients integrate traditional communication tools with collaboration technologies that provide new ways to communication

Digital Marketing Solutions

We constantly do our best to help our clients grow and scale. It’s a partnership. If you grow, we grow, too.

IT Infrastructure Managed Services

Third Party Maintenance

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) for multi-vendor infrastructures extends the life of IT assets with up to 70% savings compared to the manufacturer
System Integrations Done
Building a relationship between IT companies & experts.
Powerful Team To Focus
We have 100+ International Employee around Globe
Launched Case Studies
Active Projects and Running Case Studies With full Support

Brands We Offer

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